Fabric Series

/Fabric Series

Wang tian Textilae for you to solve all the puzzles Wang tian Textilae for you to solve all the puzzles

  • Complete equipment, on time delivery

  • The product passes the quality environmental protection examination authentication, the quality is reliable

  • Establish close cooperation with many logistics companies, direct home delivery

  • Rework overtime expenses, material costs all by themselves

About Us

/About Us

  • Shengze is famous for the textile industry in the world, China is one of the four textile capital! The town has nearly 5,000 textile enterprises. In order to keep up with the pace of modernization and cooperate with the economic policy of rapid development
  • Jiaxing wantian textile co., LTD is located in shengze town, which is known as "the famous textile town in China", with convenient transportation, near Shanghai in the east, suzhou in the north, hangzhou in the south, and shengze town in the south of suzhou city, jiangsu province.
  • The development process of the company is also a process of gathering, displaying and creating talents. Companies actively promote "to Germany as the first, good faith for the people, ability to set things, and education and use" of the concept of talent, and well versed in the "people who are Chang"





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Jiaxing Wan Tian Textile Co., Ltd.
Contact:Mr Tian

Address: No. 1, north gate, Wu Yue gear, Shengze, Suzhou, Wujiang.


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